Leigh Anne Tuohy, Racism, and the White Saviour Complex


Food for Thought…

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Leigh Anne “That Nice Woman Sandra Bullock Played In The Blind Side” Tuohy recently posted the following picture and caption on her Facebook and Instagram accounts:


We see what we want! It’s the gospel truth! These two were literally huddled over in a corner table nose to nose and the person with me said “I bet they are up to no good” well you know me… I walked over, told them to scoot over. After 10 seconds of dead silence I said so whats happening at this table? I get nothing.. I then explained it was my store and they should spill it… They showed me their phones and they were texting friends trying to scrape up $3.00 each for the high school basketball game! Well they left with smiles, money for popcorn and bus fare. We have to STOP judging people and assuming and pigeon holing people!…

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The Punchline


From the Latinegro… Take heed…

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BLMI laugh. Everyday I laugh because someone or something inevitably happens that proves various points that I’ve been making. This doesn’t make me smarter this just means I’m observant. The thing is… I laugh because I see where we are in this world and it’s a joke to even think for a minute that people will be will to accept difference in other people.

When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek there was this thought that at some point in the near future “mankind” would put aside it’s petty differences and we would view each other as equals thus spawning an age of peace where we would embark on exploring the galaxy. How funny is that? His vision may not have been wrong in the sense that of our evolution as a people may be based on us accepting diversity.

That is the punchline. That is our ultimate fate and the…

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4 Continental Afrikan Black Speculative Fiction Artists You Should Know


Across the Diaspora we keep making beautiful things…

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In my last post, I introduced y’all to 10 Black Speculative Fiction artists who I have worked with before or will work with soon.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to 4 creators who reside in the Motherland and who are creating Blacktastic works of Speculative Fiction.

In 2015 and 2016, I plan to work with these artists on comic book, book cover and film projects:

Kiro’o Games

Based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Kiro’o Games is the very first professional video game studio of Central Africa.

Kiro’o Games has been in operation since December 2013 and is currently developing the first Afrikan videogame to target the international market – Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan.

AfrikaCEO, game designer, script writer and programmer, Guillaume Olivier Madiba, a native and resident of Cameroon, helms a large team of brilliant, young creators. Chief among these creators are: Dominique Brand Yakan – illustration, computer…

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Welcome to America’s Hunger Games


This is happening now, ladies and gentlemen… Stay woke and watch your back…

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Mother of Michael Brown Addresses ProtestersThere are many reasons why I don’t watch much television. Take away the fact that cable is insanely expensive. Subtract the fact that all my sports teams have no respect for my life. Just minus the fact that great shows rarely exist and focus on the fact that television has become a tool.

What’s considered good TV? Anything that Shonda puts out? The WWE? The Walking Dead? How about reality shows? Let’s think about reality shows and how “real” they are. I can’t tell if some of these shows are fake but most of these reality stars get paid with the goal of advancing their careers. Perhaps we lost the sense of creativity some where when watching rich people slapping each other around is more popular than sitcoms. But that’s really not the “good TV” we’ve been privy too lately, has it?

The drama we’ve been watching unfold in Ferguson is reality…

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The Truth About The Attacks On Bill Cosby


The question remains… Who benefits?

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One of the first things I tell people who are new to the “revolution of the mind” is to understand we are at war. To un-learn everything that has been taught.

Especially if it comes from mass media.

Being a passive/aggressive historian, I have done quite a bit of research concerning how dictatorships are formed.

Naomi Wolfe got it right. It always follows ten basics steps.

The 8th being “Target Key Individuals”. This is done by dismantling the persons legacy, their immediate source of income and discrediting them to their followers.

Why Bill Cosby you ask? Watch the video and make that determination for yourself.

For more info on 10 easy ways to a dictatorship … Start with Naomi Wolfe’s book… Then do your own research.

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White Rage, the Hunger Games, and the Lack of Justice for Eric Garner


From Olivia A. Cole… Know the Ledge…

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eric garner

Today, like too many days, I am angry. Today a grand jury voted not to bring criminal charges against the white officer who killed Eric Garner, father of six, with a chokehold. The killing is on video, which many people hoped would mean an indictment and, eventually, a conviction. Not so. Today, America tells us once again that the value it places in black life is nil, insubstantial, nonexistent.

The protests have already begun in New York, and I’m thinking about anger, rage. I’m thinking about things that burn. When the grand jury in St. Louis County announced that it would not be indicting Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, Ferguson burned. Over the weekend, I saw the latest Hunger Games film—Mockingjay—and in it, the Capitol executes unarmed civilians, their deaths broadcasted for millions of eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about Eric…

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My Thoughts on Mr. Cosby

Uptown Saturday Night... A favorite film of mine forever tainted...
Uptown Saturday Night… A favorite film of mine forever tainted…

Though my thought is that shenanigans probably, well almost definitely, happened throughout the course of his career, I cannot call him a rapist based on half-remembered testimony. Janice Dickinson, hot mess that she is, really puts the claims in side-eye territory in my opinion.

Without proof, I cannot honestly say he is guilty of those crimes…

What has been happening with the Cosby incident never sat quite right with me. Not because he’s Bill Cosby, but because it just never felt quite “right” to me vibe-wise… In other words, my gut tells me something different.

For example, with the OJ trial, I always felt that if OJ Simpson didn’t murder Nicole Brown (which, I still think he didn’t) he definitely knew who did. With the R. Kelly sex tape incident, even before I saw the evidence, I knew in my heart of hearts that he did that shit.

Let's Do It Again... Another classic forever tainted...
Let’s Do It Again… Another classic forever tainted…

With Cosby, please understand, I felt he definitely had mad indiscretions, but I don’t feel that roofies or forced intercourse was involved. You know me. If I felt that’s how it went down, I’d be all over it. But, that’s only after I’ve heard all of the evidence from multiple angles and made my own decision based on those facts.

I’m not one to follow the court of public opinion. Right now, it’s pure speculation and, if it were truly the case, why don’t these women file civil suits against him? Yes, the statute of limitations on criminal charges has passed, but don’t they still have some sort of legal recourse if these accounts were indeed true. Or, why haven’t these women banded to together and put the pressure on? Why have they acted separately instead of collectively?

No one is brushing Women’s Rights under the rug. I simply pose the question that, just like Ferguson, why don’t the women who made the claims of sexual assault against Cosby come together as one voice, one chorus, as opposed to disparate voices in the wind?

Brown Hornet... Say it ain't so!
Brown Hornet… Say it ain’t so!

For example, I agree wholeheartedly with the University of Virginia’s decision to shut down their fraternities due to sexual assault. Granted, it took an article from Rolling Stone to get the ball rolling, but anyone who has gone to college knows the prevalence of rape culture at U.S. campuses.

With, what, fourteen women coming forward with claims against Mr. Cosby, wouldn’t you think that there would be some solidarity amongst them to stand as a united front against him? Wouldn’t you think that, at some point, they would ban together and take some legal action against him?

That’s why I question the whole Cosby thing. Again, I never said that he was simon-pure in this situation. I simply called into question the allegations of sexual assault based on the points that I have brought forth during this post, court of public opinion aside.

The statue of limitations for a criminal trial has long since passed. But again, what about a civil suit? Apparently, there are more than enough accounts of the behavior and fourteen voices in unison are way more powerful than one…

Again, the question is why haven’t these women banded together?

Even Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids can help him on this one...
Even Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids can help him on this one…

There are 14 of them… And they have made their claims known. In the realm of social media, they know that they are not alone. So, just like support groups, there should be solidarity and support…

Why isn’t there among these women?

Please understand that I am not diminishing rape or its victims. In my heart, I just don’t feel that it applies in this instance. And, until there is proof or, more to the point, some sort of solidarity amongst these women in the public eye, my feelings concerning this particular situation are not changing.

I’m just too aware of media manipulation and character assassination to take things at face value…

Even Black Dynamite ain't helping the Cos on this one...
Even Black Dynamite ain’t helping the Cos on this one…

Mr. Cosby’s silence on the matter is not a good look at all. An innocent man would not stand silent while his name is being dragged through the mud. Again, I agree there has been wrongdoing on his part. I think we can all agree on that. His reputation has been permanently tainted. I just pose this question:

Why now? Why in the twilight of his career have these allegations come to light? Why not during the height of his fame, his influence in this country? Why not soon afterwards? Remember, after the death of his son that girl came forward claiming to be his daughter? Where was the outrage then? Why didn’t people come forth then? He was vulnerable at that point, but that incident was soon forgotten. And knowing that, we allowed him to play respectability politics knowing he had that shade on him, yet our outrage over that was, again, minimal.

If I’m not mistaken, and I very well may be, the overwhelming majority of the women making the claims have been white, with only one (that I am aware of) being light-skinned, perhaps biracial. And it comes to the fore now, in the midst of the revelation that it ain’t all good in this post-racial America. A paragon of Black America, the United States so-called favorite TV dad, who is Black, is coming under fire.

Yep... Not a good look at all, Mr. Cosby...
Yep… Not a good look at all, Mr. Cosby…

Hannibal Burress did his job quite well indeed.

I guess my ultimate question is… Who benefits?


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