Real Talk

I battle the forces of mediocrity on a daily basis. I walk the Eightfold Path of righteousness seeking the Universal Truth. I stand on the rooftop with my barbaric yawp calling to the tribe. I scream at the top of my lungs to the heavens letting them know that warriors have entered the celestial plane. I change the world in my own way, with passion, with panache, and with style… And I talk a lot of ish.

I’m also the owner of Griot Enterprises and the creator of The Horsemen, Outworld, and some thangs you ain’t never heard of… Yet.

4 thoughts on “Real Talk”

  1. hi good day i was moving through the internet looking for sites who support independent albeit african or african american titles and your site came up on my search , im not so famous so you may not have heard of me , introductions first im tobe “MAX” ezeogu im a comic artist ,writer,creator and creative director at based in nigeria (africa )and i was hoping if you could find the time to do a piece on our comics if its to much trouble a mention on your site , weve been in the buisness for about a year or two so far we are gathering a small fanbase and i would love a case where in exchange we also refer or have an add page on our online comic reader dedicated to your site , where about to release our second issue for our title eru ,you can download it online also on our site ,i know you dont usually do referals for most indie titles from what i see but im hoping that you will be kind enough to support a dream far away , and also raise awareness for the african comic industry because if not most of our great ideas will remain what they are “mere ideas” , if you are not allowed to do direct pieces maybe a piece on the nigerian comic industry or african comic industry .please reply earnestly thank yo for reading –
    heres a link to titles by other publishers in the industry

    1. Hey, there!

      I had checked out your project Guardian Prime a little while ago. Interesting stuff! Normally, I don’t do to many book reviews focusing on one comic book company outside of my own, Griot Enterprises, but I would be happy to give a little shout out in one of my upcoming posts. Hope all is well and continue changing the game giving our people what we need… Cheers!

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