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Don’t Call It A Comeback: The Horsemen Have Returned To Save Us All


ISBN: 978-1941958001

120 pgs. • $24.99 (print) • $9.99 (digital)

Written and Created by: Jiba Molei Anderson

Pencilled by: Jiba Molei Anderson, MCL

Inked by: MCL, Patrick Brower

Colored by: Digital Broome, Eric Pence

The first family of Afrofuturism in comics…

Griot Enterprises is celebrating 20 years of publication with the 20th anniversary release of The Horsemen: Divine Intervention.

Created, written and illustrated by Jiba Molei Anderson, The Horsemen is the saga of seven ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, as the gods of ancient Africa possess them. The gods have chosen them to protect humanity from itself…whether humanity wants them to or not. They combat those who control the fate of the planet. Through their actions, the world would never be the same.

“I wanted The Horsemen to reflect my worldview,” Anderson explains. “I was tired of the ‘famine and underdeveloped’ narrative that the continent is saddled with in the United Sates,” Anderson explains. “I also wanted to address the problems that Post-Colonialism left behind on the continent as well.”

With the release of the first issue in 2002, The Horsemen became a pioneer of the Afrofuturism movement in comics by using the Orishas as the basis for the superhero mythology. “I wanted to work with a different faith system, a system that when The Horsemen was created, no one, I mean no one, was thinking of,” Anderson says. “No one was thinking of using the Yoruba religion and its deities, the Orishas as a launch point for a comic book world at that time.”

They have returned to save us all… Whether we want it or not…

The Horsemen would go on to become a critical, if not financial, success. Its fan base would include Hollywood talents such as Tony Todd (Candyman, Star Trek DS9 and Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things) and comic book royalty like the late Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited, Milestone Media). In addition, The Horsemen and Griot Enterprises served as the link between the independent Black Comix scene of the 90s (Brotherman, Tribe) and 21st Century renaissance currently happening in the industry with books like Niobe: She Is Life, Is’nana: The Were-Spider, Black and the entire Catalyst Prime imprint.

“We have seen many great African American superheroes in comics,
but we never saw an iconic African American superhero team,” Anderson continues. “We didn’t have our Justice League, our Avengers. We, as comic book fans of color, young and old, didn’t have a universe where our heroes reside…

… Griot Enterprises fills that void.”

The Horsemen: Divine Intervention is available at Amazon, Comixology, Drive Thru Comics, IndyPlanet and Peep Game Comix in print and digital formats. In addition, Griot Enterprises is running a GoFundMe campaign to help fund the company’s 2018 convention schedule.

Please contact for inquiries and more information.

Hope Vs. Hard Truth: How Do You Eat A Whale?

This was written by my good friend and collaborator on The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven Jude W Mire… Peep game.

I’m behind deadline on Issue Four. Part of it is due to visiting relatives, busy summer schedule, and the day-to-day of trying to write around running a business and having three daughters.

Another part of it goes a lot deeper.

The first act of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven in all its glory!
The first act of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven in all its glory!

To fill you in, in case you don’t know, I’m working for Griot Enterprises on writing a serial novel set in the comic book world of The Horsemen created by Jiba Molei Anderson. It’s a black comic (not an African American comic. If you don’t know the difference, message me).

Now, in this comic, the Horsemen, a group of super-heroes from Detroit, imbued with the powers of Yoruba gods, destroy a portion of Nigeria, unify Africa, and start building a technological utopia there. The U.S. has become repressive, outlaws emigration, and is basically a police state.

Where do they build this utopia? Right next to the crater of the city they destroyed to wake up Africa. A place they considered the epicenter of the continents problems and wiped out; Abuja. You know Abuja? Of course you don’t. What Americans really know the names of cities in Africa? I’ll give you something you do know though.

Bring back our girls.

Chapter one: Yemaya has no enemies... Only patients...
Chapter one: Yemaya has no enemies… Only patients…

We put our fictional city that represents hope; literally, on the same place that Boko Haram militants went and stole almost 300 girls from their school. When the news came about what happened I recognized all the places. Where the school was, where they’d been taken, where the military was ineffectually responding from, all because of my researching the region for the book months earlier. And now, while I was writing about an idealistic dream for Africa they were simultaneously being raped, beaten, and sold into slavery. The dream and the reality are so very, very far apart. It was excruciating. More than half the characters in the Horsemen are women. Brave, intelligent, funny, amazing fictional women, meant to inspire girls, specifically black girls. Like the ones that were taken. Girls not so different from my own daughters.

Chapter Three, which I wrote during that crisis, was incredibly hard to write. The sadness, the desire for the world to be different, to change things, was difficult to deal with. I pushed through it and Jiba and I made the best issue of the series so far. Then I moved into Issue Four.

Eshu and a Chicago cop partner up to deal with a problem with the Underground Railroad leading to Africa. So in the previous issue, I was writing in Abuja when the girls were kidnapped. This issue, I was writing a white cop protagonist when Ferguson explodes. And I’m transfixed. What the fuck is going on? To say that I’m stunned is an understatement. Jiba and I created a proto-military America as an exaggeration! A goddamned example of an extreme to illustrate a problem. But for some reason, here it is, happening for real. Reality just caught up with our doomsday vision of America. Oh sure, not entirely, but here, in the microcosm of Ferguson, I’m watching what we created as the terrible future manifest itself. The same horrible thing that the Horsemen created hope in Africa to counter. And again, the dream collides with reality.

Chapter two: If you think Ogun's strength lies with his body... You're wrong...
Chapter two: If you think Ogun’s strength lies with his body… You’re wrong…

As an author, I want to create things that mean something. Jiba likes to say, Everything I create is protest art. As a black man surrounded by a white industry, he’s absolutely right. I, on the other hand, don’t automatically create protest art just by creating. I’m not a woman, or a minority, and there’s no shortage of guys like me creating all manner of stuff all the time. I’ve got to do it intentionally. While many of my short stories are “fluff” and lack themes, overall, the work I’m most proud of are the stories that illustrate the human condition, make a statement, or reveal something about ourselves. It’s one of the things that has always drawn me to horror writing. Much of the human psyche is governed by fear and horror allows a writer to poke the uncomfortable areas. It inspires self-introspection, growth, and awareness. It’s why, despite being very different subject matter, I was drawn to the Horsemen. It does the same. For some reason I thought it would be easier than horror. I was dead wrong.

For as difficult as they are to write, at the end of the day, horror stories are personal. The difference with the Horsemen is that it’s personal and cultural and global. A personal fear or issue is yours to control. Cultural? Global? That shit is out of your hands. Those horrors remain. They’re real. They stand in the world and point guns at you, steal your children, and fire tear gas. The best you can do is band together with others and hope to god you gather enough of you to fight them, because alone? Alone, they swallow you. They bury you. They end you.

It can really make you want to quit. It feels futile, hopeless, like tossing pennies into the Grand Canyon to make a bridge. It is so small in the face of the real world. Next issue has to do with prisons. I don’t even want to guess how the real world intersection might happen there because the American prison system is already a terrible thing.

Chapter three: Oshun knows the difference between belief and worship...
Chapter three: Oshun knows the difference between belief and worship…

But no matter how small it is this book Jiba and I are writing is fantastic. It promotes diversity, inspires hope, busts stereotypes, and all of that is good. Seriously good. Whatever comes, Jiba and I aren’t stopping this project. This protest. It doesn’t matter how big the tide of darkness reality swells over us or how wide the canyon is that needs crossing. You don’t stop fighting just because your opponent is bigger than you. This world makes me sad and angry and vengeful and the tools I have to combat it are tiny but you can bet your ass I’m going to use them. How do I keep going when the beasts of mass rape, police murder, and civil injustice smash your hope? You get stubborn.

I just keep telling myself; “How do you eat a whale?”

“One bite at a time”.

Listen up, y’all… Yours truly will be in Detroit, MI September 20 at the M.E.C.C.A. Con signing copies of The Horsemen: Divine Intervention, current issues of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven and my limited edition art book Chronicle: The Art of Jiba Molei Anderson. I’ll also have have prints for sale and some cool freebies for the cheap folks to cop. Hope to see some of my Detroit brethren that weekend… Cheers!

The Horsemen: Divine Intervention
The Horsemen: Divine Intervention
Chronicle: The Art of Jiba Molei Anderson
Chronicle: The Art of Jiba Molei Anderson

You’ve Been Marked…

The first act of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven in all its glory!
The first act of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven in all its glory!

What’s happening!

The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven is in full swing with the third issue of the illustrated novel by Jiba Molei Anderson and Jude W. Mire out now! Here’s a little re-cap of what you might have missed…

America is in the grip of a crippling depression. Africa has become the land of opportunity. The bastard children of the Deitis want to take what the Horsemen have created. They want to leave their mark, the Mark of the Cloven, on the world.

Chapter One: Cripples' Deluge
Chapter One: Cripples’ Deluge

Chapter One: Cripples’ Deluge
A favor for Eshu goes wrong and Yemaya comes face to face with a trio of dangerous foes… The next chapter of The New Mythology begins here with this nine-part illustrated novel!

Chapter Two: Plague's Ransom
Chapter Two: Plague’s Ransom

Chapter Two: Plague’s Ransom
New enemies threaten the African Union as Ogun faces a threat that will take more than muscle to defeat.

Chapter Three: Divinity's Knell
Chapter Three: Divinity’s Knell

Chapter Three: Divinity’s Knell
Oshun has an old love interest return with ties to a cult that worships the Horsemen. When the cult splits into two rival factions, nothing is what it seems and Oshun must discover the truth behind a dangerous plot.

All three issues are available NOW at IndyPlanet, Amazon and DriveThruComics. Pick up your copies today!

Rockin’ the Dan Con This Weekend!

What’s happening, peeps!

Griot Enterprises and Horsemen creator Jiba Molei Anderson will be attending Dan Con this Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm!

Chicago area fam, come on down to hang out with the Chicago comic book community and hear updates about The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven and the upcoming Horsemen event Lumumba Funk! Also, come to Dan Con this Sunday and cop the EXCLUSIVE 10″X10″ Consonance comic-strip! This print is a part of The New Mythology canon, fam… Cheers!

The Consonance
The Consonance

Lumumba Funk (That’s What It Is)


So, talking ish with partner-in-crime Jude W Mire (buy The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven TODAY) and watching the Gil-Scott Heron episode of Unsung has given me an idea…

What if The Horsemen were created in the 70s?

What if the property was launched during that time and became a huge hit?

How would it have influenced the popular culture of the decade?

How would it have been influenced by the social and political landscape of the time?

Giant Size X-Men #1? Yeah.. . Like that...
Giant Size X-Men #1? Yeah.. . Like that…

The 70s hold a special place in my heart. Not only is it the decade, in which I was born, it’s also probably the most influential source of inspiration for my work artistically, musically, politically and spiritually.

There’s been talk amongst members of the Black Comix community of what constitutes classic and iconic. My thought is that if one recognizes and acknowledges the past while looking ahead to the future, if one uses art as a message for change and if you’ve got a property that you’d like to see others in the game interpret (Silverbacks, Contemporaries and New Jacks alike), you’ve got the makings of a classic.

With that in mind, the next Horsemen project following The Mark of the Cloven was born…

Lumumba Funk.

TNT Jackson... What? You thought I was playin'?
TNT Jackson… What? You thought I was playin’?

Lumumba Funk is a re-imagining of The Horsemen as 70s icons. The idea is the essence of Hip Hop and dial it back to the 70s in all its funkiness; sample the best that the past has to offer and re-mix it with the world of The Horsemen to create something that is at once classic, yet fresh to whole new generation. I’m talking about:

Blaxploitation movies

Kung-Fu films

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Classic Comic Book covers

Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco and Jazz album covers of the time…

Oh, yeah… I’m going there.

Old-School Japanese Kids Shows? Ultraman was my JAM growing up!
Old-School Japanese Kids Shows? Ultraman was my JAM growing up!

Here are the parameters:

1.) This will be an art book, roughly 150 – 200 pages.

2.) The dimensions of the book will be 8.5” X 11.”

3.) This is strictly a Horsemen joint. Everything that will be created must be in the world of The Horsemen and must work with the characters in The Horsemen world. No sneaking in of your characters or concepts. You will be working for Griot Enterprises and Griot Enterprises’ properties (just like if you were being hired to work for the Corporate Two).

4.) The book will consist of Silverbacks (veterans in the game), Contemporaries (those of us currently making waves in the industry) and New Jacks (up and comers who have the chops to become future stars).

5.) Every piece of work created will reflect the Black Power movement and other cultural movements (i.e. Chicano and Latino movements, the beginning of the Gay Rights movement, Women’s Lib, etc.) of that era and everything that influenced it. And, we’re keeping it from 1970 – 1979.

6.) All artwork will be a re-mix (homage) of Comic Book covers, Blaxploitation, Kung Fu and other Grindhouse movie posters, Classic Album covers (i.e. Funk, Soul, R&B and disco) and the political iconography of the era.

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew? I told you... I am SERIOUS about this!
Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew? I told you… I am SERIOUS about this!

7.) Writers will function as journalists, creating faux articles that would reflect how The Horsemen influenced, and was influenced by, the popular culture and politics of the 70s. All articles must be between 1500 – 3000 words.

8.) The book will be funded through Indiegogo. The bigger the name of the creator that decides to be a part of this, the more funding the book will get. It’s that simple.

9.) Anyone who decides to be a part of this must help in the marketing process. That means posting the project (and your contribution) on your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Pintrest, blogs, etc. You will become an active participant in getting the word out to the masses; no Prima Donnas will be accepted.

10.) Every creator must supply a 150 word bio directing people to your website and/or listing your professional credits (I know that the pros involved will already do this, this is just a heads-up for the new jacks). They will be printed in the contributors’ section at the back of the book.

11.) You will get paid a fee for your work from the Indiegogo campaign. That means you’ll definitely have to put in a little marketing time so that we can ensure that this bad smoker gets funded.

12.) This book will be available in print and digital. It will be available on IndyPlanet and DriveThruComics as well as Amazon and at bookstores all over the world. THIS IS NOT A GAME, PEOPLE… This is the real deal!

Saturday Morning Cartoons? I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND HERE!
Saturday Morning Cartoons? I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND HERE!

I’m looking for creators who are not afraid to get funky, who know that the Revolution will not be televised and who know how to free their mind so that their ass will follow. I’m looking for those who will tap into their inner Stevie Wonders, Roberta Flacks, Herbie Hancocks, Santanas, Chics and Parliament/Funkadelics

Blaxis agents, y’all have been activated.

Enter the Dragon... You will NOT want to leave this island!
Enter the Dragon… You will NOT want to leave this island!

First Chapter of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven on sale NOW!

Cripples' Deluge: the first chapter of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven
Cripples’ Deluge: the first chapter of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven

Following the events of The Book of Olorun, America is in decline while Africa rises as the new frontier of opportunity. A favor for Eshu goes wrong and Yemaya comes face to face with a trio of dangerous foes… And a plot to destroy the African Union before it even begins. The next chapter of The New Mythology starts here!

Yemaya's Protest
Yemaya’s Protest

Cripples’ Deluge, the first chapter of the illustrated novel The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven written by Jude W. Mire and illustrated by Jiba Molei Anderson is on sale NOW in print for $4.99 and digital for $2.99. Click below to order your copy today!

Print: IndyPlanet
Digital: DriveThruComics

Battle Marketing: The Drive-By

The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven
The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven

For those of you in the Chicago area…

Join us for the release of The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven, a nine issue illustrated novel written by Jude W. Mire and illustrated by Jiba Molei Anderson at Forte’ Framing and Gallery 2301 W. North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647!

America is in decline and Africa has become a new frontier of opportunity. The bastard children of the Deitis see this as an opportunity. Controlling the world is a family business… And they want in. Heroes inhabited by ancient spirits, a pantheon of god-like villains, it’s sociology, politics, science-fiction, and superheroes, all rolled into one!

The Mark of the Cloven looks like a comic book on the outside, but open it up and you’ll find the first chapter of the novel accompanied by awesome illustrations! It’s comic/novel fusion! You’ll be able to pick up Issue 1 – Cripples’ Deluge at the event, and then issues roll out every other month all through 2014!

Join us for drinks, snacks, music, live readings, and and some serious party time to kick The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven off to a fantastic start!

Welcome To Lumumba
Welcome To Lumumba

And, if you can’t be there in person, you can boogie with us in spirit with Welcome To Lumumba, the official soundtrack to The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven for FREE by downloading here.