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A Dream Realized


an Italian word (literally “little puffs of smoke” in reference to speech balloons), which refers to all comics. In English, the term refers specifically to photonovels or photographic comics, a genre of comics illustrated with photographs rather than drawings. Italians call these fotoromanzi (photonovels). Photonovels are popular in Spain, South Africa, and Latin America, where they are called fotonovelas, and have also gained popularity in France.

What’s happening all.

With this post, I decided to put the dashiki aside and embrace my inner geek by celebrating this moment in time. When I was a young lad, I dreamed of the day that I would see all of my favorite heroes on the big and small screens. I’m talking not just the A-Listers, the obvious ones, but the secondary, more obscure (well, obscure to mainstream audiences) characters coming to life. I thought that day would never happen…

But, we started from the bottom, now we’re here.

So, in anticipation of C2E2 this weekend, in anticipation of Batman V. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Daredevil and the rest of ’em, enjoy this fumetti love letter created for the twelve-year old that exists in all of us.

See you at C2E2, March 18-20… Cheers!





Get On The Mic For The Symphony

The Revoltion is here!
The Revoltion is here!

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s getting warmer (in theory), which means that the temperature is rising.

I’m not talking about cookouts and beach time; I’m talking about the ongoing discussion of Characters of Color and the people who create them in the entertainment industry.

As I continue my marketing and analysis of representation of diversity in comics, once again the discussion breaks down into tried and true tropes:

“We need more characters of color!”

“We need to start our own companies!”

“We need to support our own!”

“If any Black artists or writers come out with decent stuff, I’ll support it.”

“We need a huge investment of capital in order to put out quality product.”

“What happened to Milestone? We need a new Milestone, but ‘The Man’ would never allow that to happen!”

“Where the comics created by POC at?”

Did you taste the flavor that we savor up in here, neighbor?
Did you taste the flavor that we savor up in here, neighbor?

In April, a mixtape dropped, Sequential Graffiti. It was a taste of something on the horizon, a little treat to get you ready for the LP.

The revolution is here.

4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape Vol. 1 – The Symphony is the shot fired across the starboard bow. It is the dream realized and the face of the true diversity that exists in the entertainment landscape today. It is where you will find us, the creators, the Hard Riders, the Visual MCs, Literary DJs and Crowd Controllers who have been holding this scene down, changing the color of the industry one innovative concept at a time.

Peep the line-up:

We've got straight-up Silverbacks on our squad!
We’ve got straight-up Silverbacks on our squad!

Purge created by Roosevelt Pitt, illustrated by Rob Haynes, Krishna AndBalram Banerjee, Gus Vasquez & Jay Reed

Tales of whimsy for all ages!
Tales of whimsy for all ages!

The Anansi Kid’s Club created by Micheline Hess

Heroes redefined!
Heroes redefined!

Project Wildfire created by Quinn McGowan

Slice-of-Life comedy... This is what they really think about you!
Slice-of-Life comedy… This is what they really think about you!

Bounce created by Chuck Collins

Supeheroes and Politics... Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!
Supeheroes and Politics… Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

One Nation created by Jason Reeves, Alverne Ball and Luis Guerrero

Hard-hitting Western action!
Hard-hitting Western action!

Purge: Black, Red & Deadly created by LaMorris Richmond, illustrated by Roberto Goiriz

Afrofuturistic Funk!
Afrofuturistic Funk!

Juda Fist created by Mark C Dudley

Tense Urban drama and intrigue!
Tense Urban drama and intrigue!

Dziva Jones created by Aminah Armour, illustrated by Ashley A. Woods

Afrocentric Fantasy!
Afrocentric Fantasy!

Dreadlocks created by Andre Batts

There’s also a gallery featuring the work of John Jennings as well as articles from Maia Crown Williams, Damon Alums & Jiba Molei Anderson.

4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape is the answer to all of those questions, all of those complaints, all of that wishing, hoping and praying. A four-volume quarterly trade paperback series has been created to focus on comics, webcomics, animation and prose featuring creators of color. It is a resource that celebrates the past, present and future, the evolution of this movement that has been in full effect for well over 20 years.

Where the comics created by POC at? We’re right here. Cop 4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape Vol. 1 in print and digital formats at Barnes & Noble and Amazon June 3.

This is the Blaxis
This is the Blaxis

The Blaxis ain’t coming… The Blaxis is HERE!


A Taste of What’s To Come

Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 01
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 01
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 02
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 02
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 03
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 03
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 04
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers Preview 04

New pages from Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers! Only 15 days left to support our Indiegogo campaign to get your advance copy and extra goodies today!

The Grand Hustle Continues… This Week in Griot Enterprises

What up, fam!

Two things happening this week so, here’s a quick post to let you know the biz…

JBD: The Devil’s Due #3 on sale March 13, 2013!

Written and Created by: LaMorris Richmond
Pencils and Cover by: Jiba Molei Anderson
Inks by: Seitu Hayden

JBD: The Devil's Due #3
JBD: The Devil’s Due #3

JBD comes face to face with the family he left years ago as the spark of revolution becomes a raging inferno!

If you haven’t checked out JBD yet, this is the issue to buy as it was very FIRST comic book work. Cop the book at DriveThruComics.com

JBD #3 Preview
JBD #3 Preview



Support the Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers – Round Two campaign on Indiegogo!

Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers second promotional poster
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers second promotional poster

I thought I told you that we won’t stop! I’ve re-launched the Indiegogo campaign for Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers… For those of you who missed out the first round, here’s your chance to support This great new title! I’ve got over 30 pages in the can and this bad boy will be coming out in May. Get on the ground floor and grab some very cool incentives for pledging!

Just click on the link below for more details:

The deadline for the campaign is April 25, 2013. Thanks for the love and continue to support Griot Enterprises, Indie Comics & Black Sci-Fi… Cheers!


JBD is © 2013 LaMorris Richmond Holdings
Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers and all related characters are © 2013 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises

End of the Road… Support Outworld on Indiegogo NOW!

Wanna see some pages? Here you go:

Outworld Preview
Outworld Preview Pg.01










$351.00 out of our $5000.00 funding goal with 8 hours to go… Support Indie Comics and Outworld at Indiegogo NOW!


Last and Tired Legs… Support the Outworld by 3/8/2013!

Outworld Indiegogo promotional poster
Outworld Indiegogo promotional poster

It’s the final five days and we’re only at the $125.00 of our $5000.00 goal. Help make this a Cinderella story and support the Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers fundraising campaign on Indiegogo today.

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The deadline is March 8, 2013… Cheers!

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You Can’t Stop The Mad Prophet

Phoebus, the Mad Prophet
Phoebus, the Mad Prophet

Of all the worlds, all the sentients and races that call themselves one with the Diaspora, the people of Helios are among the oldest. Like the Mwari, the Helians are a peaceful race devoted to the exploration of the mind, body and soul. They are also a people with a passion that runs deep and hot, so hot that their natural abilities of energy manipulation could destroy if left unchecked. As a result, the Helians forbade themselves to use their power and to avoid conflict at all costs…

…This is to protect not themselves, but to spare others their full wrath.

However, energy cannot be contained. It must be allowed to dissipate, to flow naturally, lest it be released in a more… dynamic fashion. Because of this, the Canonicate was established. Following the teachings of the Definite, the Canonicates are allowed to use their abilities only to heal. It is said that to become a Canonicate is to sit at the right hand of the Definite, a very high honor indeed.

He was a priest, one of the chosen few that were allowed to use the immense gifts bestowed upon his ancient race. He used his Definite-given abilities to heal the broken body or sooth the troubled mind. As he offered guidance and provided comfort to other sentients in need, he too found solace with them. Still, Phoebus’ heart burned. As he saw the Diaspora descend into the fascism of the Utopian Collective, he became displeased with Helios’ stance of non-intervention.

“We cannot stand by any longer while our brethren suffer,” Phoebus said to the Canonicate. “We do not have the luxury of non-intervention while millions suffer. We must resist… We must fight!”

His pleas fell upon deaf ears. The Canonicate forbade Phoebus to speak any further about the matter publicly. Failure to follow the orders of the Canonicate would mean expulsion from the priesthood, forbidden to use the Definite’s gift forever. When faced with the choice, Phoebus did the only thing he could…

…He left the Canonicate… But did not leave his calling.

When news came that not only did Phoebus continue to heal, but also was an outspoken critic of the Utopia’s policies, the insult to the Canonicate was too much to bear. Labeled as a dissident to the Collective and disavowed by the Canonicate, He was arrested by the Beret Sheri, rewarded for his personal rebellion by being sent to the labor camps. The scientists salivated upon his arrival. Finally, they had a Helian in their midst, to study, to dissect and corrupt the gift of the Definite. Phoebus was the subject of brutal eugenics experiments. He was poked and prodded and cut. His mind and body were violated, driven mad by the vicious science of the Utopia. He was a healer who was taught and forced to become a killer. He became one of the broken… And that ignited his true potential.

In his delirium and despair, the stars spoke to Phoebus, welcoming him to the celestial firmament. From the swirling solar gas, a figure emerged. It was the Avatar of the Orijah that whispered in his ear, that told him to be strong and fight and spread her doctrine for she would return to shine the light of truth. The Avatar became Phoebus’ savior and he would be her prophet.

His anger burned bright as he ignited the prison engulfing the facility with righteous incandescence. Phoebus raged against his captors, Canonicate scripture of harmony and peace spat viciously with contempt from hips lips as he set the guards aflame. Escaping to the Ridge, Phoebus hid among the lost denizens of the Outworld, preaching his doctrine with a wild and desperate urgency to any who would listen…

Chavin, the Ronin listened, and told Phoebus another tale of the Avatar and the Orijah. This would be the beginning of a new scripture and Phoebus would shine the light of truth on a galaxy shrouded in the shadow of lies and deception.

Woe to those who do not heed the words of the Mad Prophet.

There’s only 20 days left and we are well behind our goal. Please support Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers at Indiegogo… Cheers!


Claws of Justice: Freya’s Tale

Freya, The Rebel
Freya, The Rebel

She decided that she would live her life in service to the Aerie. “The Aerie are the hunters of the wicked and the defenders peace. The Aerie are just and fair. I am Aerie… I will be just… I will be fair.”

The Aerie are a proud people. Born on the wind from the craggy and unforgiving mountains of Aesir, the Aerie own the skies. Generations of evolution had taken their wings, but not the need to fly. They build the warships and there are no better pilots than the Aerie in the entire galaxy.

Freya, daughter of career military parents, was a proud daughter of Aesir. A gifted pilot and strategist, even by Aerie standards, Freya was the youngest applicant to join the Aesiran Guard. Her record was exemplary, culminating in earning the Talon Star for her service during the Day of Claws and was given the title of Protector by the Aesiran Command.

When Aesir denied the Nos Nation secession to build their own government, when Aesir joined the Utopian Collective, it was of little concern. She did not question the politics. After all, the Aerie built the ships that defended the Collective and served the people. She was the Protector.

“I am Aerie. I will be just. I will be fair.”

Reports from the Skein relayed that the Nos have developed Incursion-grade ordinance and were plotting attacks against Aesiran outposts along the Ridge. With tensions escalating between the Aesir and the Nos resistance, Freya was assigned by Command to eliminate a key Nos insurgent cell and destroy their encampments. Her squad rained righteous fire upon the compound, neutralizing the cell and eliminating the “threat” with little resistance. While sweeping the area for any lingering opposition, Freya came face to face with her handy work.

The ram shackled and cramped shanties, already rusted and crumbling, hastily built for a semblance of warmth and shelter cratered by Aerie ordinance… The mangled bodies of the lumbering dead and dying, attempting to fly away tragically, almost comically, with bloodied and shredded wings to safety, torn by the claws of Aerie… These “insurgents” were little more than a crumbling medical village filled with starving, helpless, war-orphaned Nos children taking care of the sick, the parentless and starving young, the crippled elders… This was her introduction to the Nos Nation.

“We have done this,” Freya thought. “We are not just, we are not fair. We are not protectors… We’re conquerors.”

Disillusioned and broken, Freya left the Aesiran Guard, sacrificing her career in the Aesiran Command and shaming her family. With no purpose, Freya drifted from planet to planet in the Collective and beyond the Ridge selling her services as a mercenary for hire when Chavin found her and gave her direction…

“I am Aerie. I must be just. I must be fair.”

The Rebel has once again become the Protector. Freya now protects an entire galaxy from injustice flying as a Master Teacher.

Please support Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers on Indiegogo and stay woke… Cheers!


Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers and all related characters © 2013 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises

JBD: The Devil’s Due #2 on sale 2/6/2013

JBD: The Devils' Due #2 cover
JBD: The Devils’ Due #2 cover

Support Black Sci-Fi for Black History Month… JBD: The Devil’s Due #2, written by La Morris Richmond with a cover by Jiba Molei Anderson on sale at DriveThruComics.com TOMORROW!