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The Avenger is charged!

Jiba Molei Anderson’s The Horsemen is classified as a superhero comic but make no mistake what we witness is the rebirth of gods.

For those that are new to these deities, while they are given a new treatment, they are well within the constraints of their traditional mythology. Not only that, but Anderson also alludes to their deep history in an easily accessible way.

The Creator triumphant!

The tales weaved before us have multiple layers but they never seem to get bogged down. We enter the world of our story after events in the past have changed the course of history. Evil forces have controlled the world after the war that saw our Horsemen leave the first time.

Their resurgence means that we are at a crossroads. There’s a duality to the story that feels real. The gods are fighting for peace, which itself is a dichotomy. The ruling class attempts to keep the status quo, they fight the prophecy that is born from it. It’s interesting to see gods with subtle gradations of human nature.

The Architect destroys to build!

Another piece of this puzzle that Anderson nails is the shifting narrative. It’s used in movies to great effect and usually less so in comics. But there are jumps from character to character as they are all interviewed and spin one overall story. While doing so, it doesn’t get jumbled or forgotten.

Anderson’s love of music permeates his stories and there’s a rhythm to the tale that easily translated through his words. As the story progresses, we also see how the god-like power of our protagonists ripples throughout other lives. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that heavy is the head the wears the crown.

The Light shines!

Anderson’s art is bold and powerful like the characters it represents. There are strong lines and the intensity of the battles (both mental and physical) is translated through the illustrations. You can tell this is a project that Anderson holds near to his heart, not just because of the time he’s dedicated crafting it, but also because of the painstaking way the details are rendered and the story is told.

Jiba Molei Anderson’s Horsemen is a story that opens the door to mythology and comics in a way that’s only been seen recently with the resurgence of Thor from Marvel Comics. Anderson’s fresh and true to culture take on The Horsemen is a breath of fresh air.

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