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4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape is Heavy Metal magazine meets fabled Hip-Hop periodical The Source. Each 124-page volume is filled with comics and articles celebrating the true diversity of creators in the comic book industry.

Volume 8 – Change Clothes has a featured article showcasing some of the Visual DJs 4 Pages 16 Bars series curator Jiba Molei Anderson considers to be among the best in the business. Shawn Alleyne, one of the artists featured in the article, decided to draw up Ogun, the Architect from Anderson’s groundbreaking series The Horsemen.

“You gotta have at least 3.5 mic material… Basically, you have to have the equivalent of the Fu-Schickens first album to be in the book…”

“Born in Barbados now residing in Philadelphia, Shawn’s work is… How shall I call it… Sexy A.F. His figures are long and sinewy bursting with a sensual energy that exists in his lovingly-rendered line work. He doesn’t do too much interior work, but his covers for books like The Almighty Street Team and his pin-up work taking his own unique spin on existing properties from the “Corporate Two” are absolutely stunning.”

Next month is the 20th anniversary of The Horsemen and Shawn Alleyne, along with 4 Pages 16 Bars Vol. 08 cover artist Aries Art will be a part of the big celebration!

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