Since the beginning of this campaign, The Horsemen creator Jiba Molei Anderson has been getting a lot of “likes” for the artwork on social media. This may be the largest number of “likes” for his art that he’s received in recent years.

Thank you. Sincerely. Thank you for the warm reception.

But you know what would really show that you like the art, and the concept, of The Horsemen? If you pledged to the Kickstarter!

Look at what you’ll get when we exceed our goal!

For as little as a $10 pledge, you help ensure that the heroes YOU want to see reach the public. And, if we exceed our $5000.00 goal, all backers receive TWO 24” X 30” print-ready PDFs featuring the heroes and villains of The Horsemen Universe.

You know what else you’ll get? Wait for it…

Five digital comics from the members of The Blaxis! That’s over 160 pages of content for only $10.00!

Likes are great, but backing this campaign shows real love. So help The Horsemen reach their Manifest Destiny by backing our Kickstarter campaign today!

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