Gods of Egypt is the most racist film ever.

You’re welcome… #BlackFutureMonth

Scott Woods Makes Lists

“Oh, I knows. I knows. I’m just a worn-out ol’ man what don’t do nothin’ but tell stories. But they ain’t never done no harm to nobody. And if they don’t do no good, how come they last so long? This here’s the only home I knows. I was going to whitewash the walls, too, but not now. Time done run out.”

– Uncle Remus, Song of the South (1946)

* * *

When Stargate came out my boys and I went to see it on opening day at the Eastland Cinema 8. Our black consciousness was at peak levels and the trailer for Stargate looked like a black nationalist’s wet dream: pyramids, Egyptian gods, ancient technology, confused white folks…it looked to be awesome. Back then, the world wasn’t able to spoil everything months before it came out, or warn us that Stargate was going to be on some Chariots…

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2 thoughts on “Gods of Egypt is the most racist film ever.”

  1. Truer words have never been spoken! You should be paraded through town on the people’s shoulders while being fed grapes! I reminded of something Dick Gregory or Umar Johnson once said about white washed movies and it was something like ; White supremacist don’t care what we think because in another 100 yrs or so the furure generations will see these movies and think they’re accurate. Because once it’s on film it’ll be around loooonnng after we’re gone. And I remember them attempting to run a Egyptian pilot for t.v. Ahead of this movie to soften us up and they even cast Phyllicia Rashaad’s daughter as one of the only black characters but it was cancelled after all the backlash.

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