Intensive Therapy

We're keeping real rough and ready with this one... Check the swagger...
We’re keeping real rough and ready with this one… Check the swagger…

The biggest problem is that most independent creators don’t take into account the proper preparation of their files, creating the entire package of the comic book beyond the artwork and the writing. I am a graphic designer and worked in pre-press during my advertising days. I have complete control over the quality of Griot Enterprises product. That way, my books come out exactly the way I need for them to…

Again, it is the company’s responsibility for quality control, not the printer…

The only reason why “self” publishing doesn’t feel like “real” publishing is because you are responsible for the quality of your product, no one else.

Fam, this is exactly how the “Corporate Two” and all other companies operate. Print On Demand and the digital landscape has leveled the playing field… Now, it’s all about skills and how bad you want to make your hustle happen.

That was the appetizer… Here’s the main course…

You ready for the real?
You ready for the real?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

The “Make Your Own” argument usually comes from either someone who wants to make a big stink about how “we” are not represented just before saying “Buy my shit because it’s real” or someone who complains about the lack of representation, but completely ignores the dearth of good material with the representation they’re “starving” for, but because it doesn’t come from the “Corporate Two” or the “Mainstream,” they run from it like the IRS was chasing them down the street.

As a creator, businessman and fan, I want to see the hotness all day, every day, from wherever it comes from. I owe no allegiance to any company besides my own. If it’s dope, it’s dope. If it’s wack, it’s wack…

And, as a businessman, I know if I want to succeed, I have to come with dope product and market the hell out of it. I will drag the consumer, kicking and screaming, to check out the product I have to offer because I am confident that once they see it, they’re going to want it…

Because, as a fan, I created what I felt was missing in the landscape…

You diggin' what I'm laying down right now?
You diggin’ what I’m laying down right now?

I have to say that the number one reason I was down, and continue to be down with the Underworld series is because Kevin Grevioux created it. It always makes my heart swell with pride when I see one of us making real power moves and being successful in getting our personal and collective visions out to the masses.

I mean, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The problem with a lot of us is that we’ve given up on imagination so much so, that we can’t even comprehend when someone who looks like us has the imagination, talent, and passion and drive to create something. And, not only when it happens, but also when it is good, we don’t trust it. We don’t find it valid because, in the back of some of our minds, we feel “How dare they? How dare they do something that we shouldn’t be able to do?”

Ready to take out all suckas...
Ready to take out all suckas…

What’s even crazier is that if the masses at large accept the things that we create and we derive some critical and/or financial success from the “crazy” ideas that ruminated in our heads, those who sacrificed their imagination, hopes and dreams to the “other” either hop on the bandwagon or, more often, call us “sell-outs.” What did we sell out to? Our passion? Our confidence? Our drive?

Brandon Easton eloquently called this mindset BGSS (Black Geek Stockholm Syndrome). Some took offense to that term… Because it applied to them and Brandon called it for what it was.


So, what am I saying? I’m saying that I’m proud to be in the company of cats like Hannibal Tabu, John Jennings, Quinn McGowan, Jason Reeves, Afua Richardson, Ashley Woods, Damion Gonzales, Erika Alexander and so many others. I’m proud to call them colleagues and some of them I consider good friends. I am proud to count cats like Larry Stroman, the Milestone Crew, the Sims Brothers and others as my mentors. I am proud that the “silverbacks” have co-signed on what this young lion is doing.

Why? Because I’m adding to the legacy. I’m adding to the legacy of the brothers and sisters who have made indelible contributions to the game since its inception. And, I am glad to stand amongst greatness.

The struggle is real... The grind continues...
The struggle is real… The grind continues…

To the creators holding it down, my sword arm is yours. To the fans that support us? Thank you. We won’t let you down…

To the rest of y’all? If you’re mad now, get ready to be truly pissed off.

Well, I said my piece. Do what you will and the best of luck… I’ma keep grindin’…



4 thoughts on “Intensive Therapy”

  1. I just wanted to say that was a inspiring words to say. I agree on what you saying. I myself want to be a person that takes life for what it is it took me a while to realize that you can’t wait or depend on people who doesn’t share your passion your word inspired me to push on my project that I’m doing…thanks

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