The Crisis of Comic Book Nerds

From comrade-in-arms Anthony Otero… Dig it!

Anthony Otero

tumblr_nabpamQG2B1rsex6lo1_1280It must be hard to be a nerd these days. Look what’s happening in the not real world! Captain America is now Black, Thor is now a woman, Wally West is Black (one of the many version of the Flash), there are two Black Supermen flying around, a  Muslim Green Lantern, and the crux of this whole thing is that damn Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. Who said it was OK to have all this diversity in comic books?

Wait. Let me fix the first sentence. It must be hard to be a white nerd these days.

The socially awkward have a problem with the broad brush stroke of diversity that also includes feminism. These are big words that get thrown around in the comic book worlds because (surprise, surprise!) current comic book audience includes women and men of all races. So it would only make sense that Marvel and…

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One thought on “The Crisis of Comic Book Nerds”

  1. Maybe I am the odd geek out there that doesn’t see diversity as abad thing. But I know that there are those that do. Over 75+ years characters have been created and recreated to reflect both their audience and the real world they live in. Sometimes they are ahead of the curve, but usually not, but they’re getting there.

    The nerds who have trouble with it scream “Tradition” or “Repect the creators” (two things that comics publishers and fans don’t do very well, in my opinion) at any attempt to change their favorite characters. But in my experience, its that they are feeling threatened. Threaten that the one place they feel comfortable, between the covers of comic book, is no longer being created just for them,

    Rather, suddenly the publishers have suddenly discovered there are more folks out there interested in comics. (Well the big two just realized this, the audience has always been there) And in their rush to get those consumer dollars, the white nerd crowd feels taken for granted and abandoned. They feel that publishers think the nerds will keep buying the comics no matter what changes they make.

    And the publishers are right. They will keep buying, and hopefully the old white nerds will realize, “hey just because this character is different from me it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy reading about them. After all, I can’t fly, or move at the speed of light, or read minds, or are aliens from distant worlds, If I still can related to those characters maybe it doesn’t matter what color, gender, or sexual orientation they are.”

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