Take A Trip Through The Diaspora

Diaspora: The Fever
Diaspora: The Fever

It’s the official start of Leo Season and here’s a mix to get the party started… Find a lion and get your boogie on!

01. One Day, Won’t Give It Away – Wally Badarou
02. Ooh! – Fela Kuti Vs De La Soul Feat Redman
03. GH Baby – E.L & Efya
04. Hey Boy – Goapele
05. Make Her Say (Beat It Up) – Estelle
06. Bonita Keeps On Passin’ Me By – Gummy Soul
07. Think Twice – GDNA
08. Postal – Souls of Mischief
09. Gemini (Jesse Fischer Remix) – Melanie Charles & Rat Habitat
10. African Force – Dj Nays
11. Afro Blues (Jesse Fisher remix) – Takuya Kuroda
12. Hot Music (One Take) – Mark de Clive-Lowe

Diaspora, the latest episode of Ghetto of the Mind is available now for FREE download by clicking here.

The Revolution will not be televised… It will be digital!


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