Lumumba Funk (That’s What It Is)


So, talking ish with partner-in-crime Jude W Mire (buy The Horsemen: Mark of the Cloven TODAY) and watching the Gil-Scott Heron episode of Unsung has given me an idea…

What if The Horsemen were created in the 70s?

What if the property was launched during that time and became a huge hit?

How would it have influenced the popular culture of the decade?

How would it have been influenced by the social and political landscape of the time?

Giant Size X-Men #1? Yeah.. . Like that...
Giant Size X-Men #1? Yeah.. . Like that…

The 70s hold a special place in my heart. Not only is it the decade, in which I was born, it’s also probably the most influential source of inspiration for my work artistically, musically, politically and spiritually.

There’s been talk amongst members of the Black Comix community of what constitutes classic and iconic. My thought is that if one recognizes and acknowledges the past while looking ahead to the future, if one uses art as a message for change and if you’ve got a property that you’d like to see others in the game interpret (Silverbacks, Contemporaries and New Jacks alike), you’ve got the makings of a classic.

With that in mind, the next Horsemen project following The Mark of the Cloven was born…

Lumumba Funk.

TNT Jackson... What? You thought I was playin'?
TNT Jackson… What? You thought I was playin’?

Lumumba Funk is a re-imagining of The Horsemen as 70s icons. The idea is the essence of Hip Hop and dial it back to the 70s in all its funkiness; sample the best that the past has to offer and re-mix it with the world of The Horsemen to create something that is at once classic, yet fresh to whole new generation. I’m talking about:

Blaxploitation movies

Kung-Fu films

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Classic Comic Book covers

Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco and Jazz album covers of the time…

Oh, yeah… I’m going there.

Old-School Japanese Kids Shows? Ultraman was my JAM growing up!
Old-School Japanese Kids Shows? Ultraman was my JAM growing up!

Here are the parameters:

1.) This will be an art book, roughly 150 – 200 pages.

2.) The dimensions of the book will be 8.5” X 11.”

3.) This is strictly a Horsemen joint. Everything that will be created must be in the world of The Horsemen and must work with the characters in The Horsemen world. No sneaking in of your characters or concepts. You will be working for Griot Enterprises and Griot Enterprises’ properties (just like if you were being hired to work for the Corporate Two).

4.) The book will consist of Silverbacks (veterans in the game), Contemporaries (those of us currently making waves in the industry) and New Jacks (up and comers who have the chops to become future stars).

5.) Every piece of work created will reflect the Black Power movement and other cultural movements (i.e. Chicano and Latino movements, the beginning of the Gay Rights movement, Women’s Lib, etc.) of that era and everything that influenced it. And, we’re keeping it from 1970 – 1979.

6.) All artwork will be a re-mix (homage) of Comic Book covers, Blaxploitation, Kung Fu and other Grindhouse movie posters, Classic Album covers (i.e. Funk, Soul, R&B and disco) and the political iconography of the era.

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew? I told you... I am SERIOUS about this!
Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew? I told you… I am SERIOUS about this!

7.) Writers will function as journalists, creating faux articles that would reflect how The Horsemen influenced, and was influenced by, the popular culture and politics of the 70s. All articles must be between 1500 – 3000 words.

8.) The book will be funded through Indiegogo. The bigger the name of the creator that decides to be a part of this, the more funding the book will get. It’s that simple.

9.) Anyone who decides to be a part of this must help in the marketing process. That means posting the project (and your contribution) on your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Pintrest, blogs, etc. You will become an active participant in getting the word out to the masses; no Prima Donnas will be accepted.

10.) Every creator must supply a 150 word bio directing people to your website and/or listing your professional credits (I know that the pros involved will already do this, this is just a heads-up for the new jacks). They will be printed in the contributors’ section at the back of the book.

11.) You will get paid a fee for your work from the Indiegogo campaign. That means you’ll definitely have to put in a little marketing time so that we can ensure that this bad smoker gets funded.

12.) This book will be available in print and digital. It will be available on IndyPlanet and DriveThruComics as well as Amazon and at bookstores all over the world. THIS IS NOT A GAME, PEOPLE… This is the real deal!

Saturday Morning Cartoons? I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND HERE!
Saturday Morning Cartoons? I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND HERE!

I’m looking for creators who are not afraid to get funky, who know that the Revolution will not be televised and who know how to free their mind so that their ass will follow. I’m looking for those who will tap into their inner Stevie Wonders, Roberta Flacks, Herbie Hancocks, Santanas, Chics and Parliament/Funkadelics

Blaxis agents, y’all have been activated.

Enter the Dragon... You will NOT want to leave this island!
Enter the Dragon… You will NOT want to leave this island!

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      1. This is a machine with many moving parts… We’ll be providing updates as we reach our milestones… The project drops June 2015!

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