The Ghetto Can be a Beautiful Place…

It’s a state of mind.. a way of being, moving, acting and grooving… Walk with ease and purpose, make every move look like it’s effortless and never let them see you sweat. Be cool, Daddy-o… Be cool…

Casual Dap
Casual Dap

1.) Sirens (Live) – Level 42
2.) Rhyme Fighter – Mellow Man Ace
3.) Don’t Mimic feat. Ronald Bruner Jr, Thundercat, Taylor Graves, Kamasi Washington & JThorn – Chris Clarke
4.) Ghetto Woman – Janelle Monae
5.) Time Will Come – Wayna
6.) [un]Average Fruit (Ahmed Sirour Remix) – Quadron
7.) What You Won’t Do For Love – Jesse Ware
8.) Twice feat. Solange and The Roots – Robert Glasper Experiment
9.) Magnum Opus – Top Quality
10.) Get Started feat. Omar – Mark DeClive

The new episode of Ghetto Of The Mind, Casual Dap is available NOW here and on ITunes… Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Be cool get your groove on… Cheers.

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