The Final Straw

Yeah... THIS is out there...
Yeah… THIS is out there…

“If this book doesn’t sell, then DC and Marvel won’t put out any more books with colored people in it… Gotta keep the plantation going!”

“Wow… A banana? Really? They went deep into the racism crates…”

“They just told you how they felt about the book and the people who will buy it.”

This… is some bullshit.

This comes from a company that hasn’t hired and African American writer since 2009. This comes from a company that is promoting a book whose cast is composed of people of color and women, yet the creative team does not show that same level of diversity.

Fine, it’s a prank. However, does knowing that it’s a prank negate the truth about the Corporate Two’s hiring policies and treatment of characters of color?

The fact that this exists is unacceptable. The fact that, despite this image existing, fools will still fight to support this book is unacceptable.

This is what tokenism in comics looks like, ladies and gentlemen…

Our beef is not that people buy DC and Marvel. It’s that y’all keep complaining about DC and Marvel not acting right by you while completely passing by those books that you’re truly looking for in the independent sphere. It’s the comic book equivalent of being a battered spouse and sticking with the partner that beats you.

For example, why not hire artists of color to do a variant. What about Olivier Copiel, Sanford Greene, Afua Richardson, Brian Stelfreeze, Jason Pearson or so many other talented brothers and sisters doing the artwork?

What we are saying is that we, as consumers, should and do demand more from the Corporate Two. What we are saying is that, as creators, we have taken our frustration and creative viable alternatives to the level of disrespect that the Corporate Two has shown us.

BTW, none of us who speak to these frustrations have ever denigrated the people that we want to buy our books. That’s just stupid. However, when we do bring up the alternative, those who find out about us have this reflexive negativity about not being up on what we do, which manifests as excuses as to why they won’t support the work. It is their insecurity which sparks these confrontations.

Here’s the thing: OUR COMMENTS AIN’T ABOUT YOU. We just happen to see the marketing behind the Corporate Two’s efforts and we ain’t drinking the Kool-Aid… We prefer mixing flavors than just sticking with grape or red…

THAT’S where we’re coming from. If you’re satisfied with what you buy, buy it. If you’re waiting for DC and Marvel to truly give you what you want as a fan, don’t hold your breath. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

The Blaxis exists to expose people to the diversity of people of culture, ethnicity, gender and orientation in the comic book industry, the characters and the people behind the scenes who create this work. It is composed of fans and professionals in this game. Now, the pros in this business started off as fans. In fact, the reason why we are in this game is because we are fans of the medium.

Now, as fans of not just DC and Marvel, but of COMICS, we expose ourselves to books outside of the Corporate Two, specifically because of the fact that the Corporate Two do not respect us as consumers. We have had the same frustrations you have about representation of ourselves in comics. However, instead of bitching about it and accepting our fate, we did something about it and created our own properties.

Not only did we do it for ourselves, but we did it for an audience demanding change. Yet, when we present this change to the demanding audience, that audience turns its nose at us and still laments that the Corporate Two hasn’t served their needs….

How would you feel in that position?

Look, at the end of the day, do you. Buy your books. Enjoy your life. As a producer of books, my goal is to market to anyone who would buy my product regardless of culture, ethnicity or gender. If you are not one of those who would take a look at mine, or any other product not of the Corporate Two, then so be it. There’s a whole world to expose this work to and, I am confident, will buy and appreciate the work that I, and so many of us in The Blaxis, create… Ubuntu!


7 thoughts on “The Final Straw”

  1. There is a plethora of rich and FUN-Tastic material from here to the infinity from the imaginiative minds of artists not currently in their employ as you’ve said. All they have to do is to solicit for material and offer fair and competitive contracts…. Wait! They don’t have to do that…. The web is showcasing at a screen (cpu or mobile) near you! Encoda Moda!

  2. Um, that’s not the official book cover. That was a fan’s photoshop job with Deadpool put in there. Marvel did not create that.

    You need to do some research before you write article based on ignorance.

    1. Umm… As stated in the post, I acknowledged that I understood this image to be hoax. If you read further, you would have read that even though it may have been a hoax, the image is still offensive and unacceptable.

      If Marvel indeed did not approve this image and found it offensive to its readers of color, they would have distanced themselves from this and put the kibosh on it before people who would not know that this was a hoax to blame them for this image.

    2. Furthermore, as I understand, this book’s release coincides with their “Deadpool banana” variant cover promotion. if they had a person of color on their staff, maybe they would have told them how the African American readers would have a problem with this image.

      Read a post thoroughly before responding in the future.

    1. Regardless, that image should not be on a book that features Black and Latino characters… Where the “inspiration” for Deadpool’s look originated is irrelevant. This is a racist image, “hoax” or otherwise… Period.

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