We Are a Village… We Will Become a Nation…

This is the Blaxis
This is the Blaxis

Ubuntu (Xhosa): “I am because we are”

This is a stamp of quality. This is a symbol of unity. This is a political movement. This is a visual, literary and artistic movement…

…This is The Blaxis.

The Blaxis respects and references other cultures. The Blaxis does not exist in a vacuum nor does it eschew other cultures to further its own agenda. Rather, The Blaxis embraces the importance of all cultures in the human existence and draws upon them as well in order to create a cohesive network in which it can exist. Our scope goes beyond the national arena. We are global citizens.

Woman of the Woods by Milton Davis
Woman of the Woods by Milton Davis

We are not colorblind… We are multicultural.

The Blaxis is political. Whether the work focuses on gender, sexuality, religion, class, race, etc., Work from an agent of The Blaxis is always a commentary on the existing conditions in which the work was created. More often than not, it is a critique on those conditions. Everything The Blaxis creates, in one way, shape or form is Protest Art.

DMC Comics coming soon!
DMC Comics coming soon!

The Blaxis is dedicated to the promotion and marketing of independent comic books, science fiction, fantasy and transmedia with a focus on properties featuring characters of color. With so many disparate entities working to expose the masses to independent concepts and properties from creators of color, from the Institute of Comic Studies, Comic Nerds of Color to Black Comix to the Black Age of Comics, State of Black Science Fiction, Words with Blerds and many others The Blaxis will serve as the hub for these promotional efforts.

The Harlem Shadow... Soon to be an animated project from Russell Simmons featuring Common!
The Harlem Shadow… Soon to be an animated project from Russell Simmons featuring Common!

The physical aspect of The Blaxis will be a Facebook page, where all Blaxis agents and all those who are interested in our products, philosophy and knowledge can share information and participate in true collaboration while promoting our wares. Though we will still follow our individual paths, the Blaxis will be a place where we can all congregate.

Black Comix by John Jennings and Damian Duffy... The impetus for The Blaxis
Black Comix by John Jennings and Damian Duffy… The impetus for The Blaxis

The Blaxis will not promote projects from the “Corporate Two” (i.e. DC and Marvel) unless the creators of the project are of culturally, ethnically or gender-diversity. There is neither need nor desire to promote these entities as we are promoting our own.

C. Spike Trotman's Smut Peddler... The sister knows what sells!
C. Spike Trotman’s Smut Peddler… The sister knows what sells!

The Blaxis is dedicated to the business of entertainment. We are professionals. We are professional with our speech, our approach and our attitude. Best believe that when you meet an agent of the Blaxis network, he or she is at the top of their game and has the product to back up that claim.

The Blaxis will make aware the resources available to those who want to pursue their dream and also educate them in the realities of making that dream happen. The Blaxis will not blow smoke up your ass. If it’s good, The Blaxis will let you know. If it’s not quite up to snuff, The Blaxis will lead you in the right direction to make your property the best that it can possibly be.

The Blaxis celebrates the success of all those who have achieved their goals and will encourage others to do the same. There is no barrel and we ain’t crabs. It’s all about friendly competition. The Blaxis will push each member to create the best work, the best product possible. Every success opens up the doors of understanding and financial rewards for all. If one of us is successful, we are all successful. Granted, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in win.

Hex by Keu Cha... Blaxis Blessed!
Hex by Keu Cha… Blaxis Blessed!

The Blaxis is dedicated to the education of the craft of comics and the practitioners of the craft with a focus on creators of cultural, ethnic and gender diversity. We have to understand and appreciate our history in the business if we want to move forward.

The Blaxis will serve as a resource for students the craft and those who desire to create their own properties. One must understand that the creation of comics is an exercise in visual communication. The standard of quality has already been established. The Blaxis is dedicated to not only meeting that standard, but also exceeding it. Good artwork is not enough. A good story is not enough. In order for a comic book to good, everything (art, story, lettering, package design) must work in harmony.

Jackie Ormes... One of our pioneers...
Jackie Ormes… One of our pioneers…

The Blaxis is not limited to the literary or the visual. The Blaxis is everywhere and we experience it every day. This has been happening from the beginning and, in The Blaxis is in our music, the clothes we wear, our speech, and the way we move.

The Blaxis is a stamp of approval. When one encounters a member of the Blaxis or purchases a Blaxis-Blessed product, they know that they are getting the best our respective mediums. We are Visual MCs and Warrior Griots. We are the scribes of history, critics of the craft and educators of the medium. We are the coolest kids in the lunchroom. We flip the script, provide the flavor and we do it with grace, style and swagger. We are the finest that our respective industries have to offer. We are a village… We will become a nation.

We are The Blaxis… Ubuntu!



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