And Now For Something Completely Different…

What up, fam!

I am a storyteller by trade, passion and design. I live my life based on telling tales and sometimes, there are just some stories that can’t be told with words and images on the printed page. Sometimes, that story needs a melody and a beat…

That’s when we take a trip to the Ghetto… The Ghetto of the Mind.

I battle the forces of mediocrity on a daily basis. I walk the Eightfold Path of righteousness seeking the Universal Truth. I stand on the rooftop with my barbaric yawp calling to the tribe. I scream at the top of my lungs to the heavens letting them know that warriors have entered the celestial plane. I change the world in my own way, with passion, with panache, and with style… And I talk a lot of shit.

Liberation Song (art by John Jennings)
Liberation Song (art by John Jennings)

01. Omar – The Man 02. David Byrne feat. St. Vincent – Who 03. Colonel Red – Blue Eye Blak 04. Reggie Watts – Wanna’ Get 05. Angela Bofill – Under The Moon And Over The Sky 06. Robert Glasper Experiment – Smells Like Teen Spirit 07. Jaspects feat. Janelle Monae – 2012 08. Deonis – Supernatural 09. Jesse Johnson – I Wanna Be Your Man 10. Passion Pit – The Reeling

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The Revolution will not be televised, it will be digital. Come and take a listen to the heartbeat of Black Sci-Fi.


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