Claws of Justice: Freya’s Tale

Freya, The Rebel
Freya, The Rebel

She decided that she would live her life in service to the Aerie. “The Aerie are the hunters of the wicked and the defenders peace. The Aerie are just and fair. I am Aerie… I will be just… I will be fair.”

The Aerie are a proud people. Born on the wind from the craggy and unforgiving mountains of Aesir, the Aerie own the skies. Generations of evolution had taken their wings, but not the need to fly. They build the warships and there are no better pilots than the Aerie in the entire galaxy.

Freya, daughter of career military parents, was a proud daughter of Aesir. A gifted pilot and strategist, even by Aerie standards, Freya was the youngest applicant to join the Aesiran Guard. Her record was exemplary, culminating in earning the Talon Star for her service during the Day of Claws and was given the title of Protector by the Aesiran Command.

When Aesir denied the Nos Nation secession to build their own government, when Aesir joined the Utopian Collective, it was of little concern. She did not question the politics. After all, the Aerie built the ships that defended the Collective and served the people. She was the Protector.

“I am Aerie. I will be just. I will be fair.”

Reports from the Skein relayed that the Nos have developed Incursion-grade ordinance and were plotting attacks against Aesiran outposts along the Ridge. With tensions escalating between the Aesir and the Nos resistance, Freya was assigned by Command to eliminate a key Nos insurgent cell and destroy their encampments. Her squad rained righteous fire upon the compound, neutralizing the cell and eliminating the “threat” with little resistance. While sweeping the area for any lingering opposition, Freya came face to face with her handy work.

The ram shackled and cramped shanties, already rusted and crumbling, hastily built for a semblance of warmth and shelter cratered by Aerie ordinance… The mangled bodies of the lumbering dead and dying, attempting to fly away tragically, almost comically, with bloodied and shredded wings to safety, torn by the claws of Aerie… These “insurgents” were little more than a crumbling medical village filled with starving, helpless, war-orphaned Nos children taking care of the sick, the parentless and starving young, the crippled elders… This was her introduction to the Nos Nation.

“We have done this,” Freya thought. “We are not just, we are not fair. We are not protectors… We’re conquerors.”

Disillusioned and broken, Freya left the Aesiran Guard, sacrificing her career in the Aesiran Command and shaming her family. With no purpose, Freya drifted from planet to planet in the Collective and beyond the Ridge selling her services as a mercenary for hire when Chavin found her and gave her direction…

“I am Aerie. I must be just. I must be fair.”

The Rebel has once again become the Protector. Freya now protects an entire galaxy from injustice flying as a Master Teacher.

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Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers and all related characters © 2013 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises


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