Ayira, the Saga Continues

Ayira, the Saga
Ayira, the Saga

Amesha Spentas Temple on the planet Imana, the birthplace of Ami’Stad the Orijah, was destroyed. The Saga, the spiritual and genetic memory of the Master Teachers and the Mwari was murdered defending his temple, his warriors and the culture of his people. The history of the Mwari and strength of the Master Teachers lay within the stories permeating his DNA. If the Saga ends, the Master Teachers, the Mwari way of life, would be destroyed as well.

Ogechi was the finest of Amesha Spentas, her wisdom and prowess were legendary. She was with the Saga’s during the Purge, defending the Temple against the Horde. But, the numbers were too great and the Saga fell before her eyes under the fists and blades of their enemy. The Saga was dead and with him, the entire Mwari race.

Knowing that her own story would soon come to an end, Ogechi would make sure that the Saga would continue. Against the Master Teachers’ edict, she called her most frustrating and favorite son, her beloved Ronin to fight by her side…

The end was near. Her body was broken by the time Chavin reached his master. Her wounds were too great; her essence flowing into the ether. With ragged, painful breath, Ogechi ordered her former student, Chavin, to take an infant, a beautiful little Mwari girl with the Dark Light floating from her tattoos, to safety.

“Protect the Saga. Share the Story.”

The Ronin raised the little girl, the Last Mwari, as his own. They journeyed to the Outworld where she could not be found or hunted because of her race. As she grew, Chavin noticed that she knew things, telling stories she never heard, but the Ronin remembered. She recorded things; mimicking movement, action, styles. She spoke of a people she never met, but know their history intimately. Chavin understood the gift and the responsibility his Master had given him. He had to train the little girl, prepare her for what was to come. He had to become the Master Teacher, the title he was denied while the Order was still intact.

“Protect the Saga. Share the Story.”

Ayira is the lynch pin in restoring the Master Teachers… She is the resurrection of the Saga and holds the future of not only an entire race, but the fate of a galaxy in her hands as well.

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Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers and all related characters © 2013 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises


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