Solu… Meet Chavin, the Ronin



The son of a Felinean royal house, Chavin was chosen to become a member of the Amesha Spentas (Master Teachers). Much to the chagrin of his family, Chavin entered the order and was trained by Ogechi, a female Master Teacher. Chavin was bred to be a Jomun, a soldier-king of Felinae. Not only did he turn his back on his culture and heritage, he was learning the art of war from a female… A Mwari female. This act went against Felinean social morays, making Chavin a divisive figure in the Felinean Court.

Despite political ramifications, Chavin became one of the fiercest and most skilled warriors the Amesha Spentas had seen in a generation. Yet, that power was not tempered with wisdom. While a promising Master, Chavin was impulsive and wore his emotions on his sleeve. These attributes proved to be the young Amesha’s downfall. Chavin was held responsible for events that resulted in the death of an official on the Ridge during a diplomatic mission. That death, some would say, heralded the end of the Diaspora. Without Ogechi’s intervention, Chavin would have been ousted from the Master Teachers, imprisoned and, perhaps, executed. The order branded Chavin a Ronin, forbidding him to train and acolyte of his own…

…Then, the Purge happened.

The teachers were dead or driven far underground. The temple was destroyed and the Saga was finished, killed by an unknown force more powerful than he. Ogechi called her charge back to perform one last act before she died in battle:

“Protect the Saga. Share the Story.”

The Ronin heeded his master’s words. Now, he has gathered a group of young warriors that may be the key to restoring the Master Teachers, and the Diaspora, to their former glory.

Support Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers on Indiegogo. Deadline is March, 8 2013… Cheers!

Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers and all related characters are © 2013 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises

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