Diaspora’s Fall: A Prelude to the Outworld

Oro, the Despot
Oro, the Despot

The order of the Amesha Spentas had become a monastery training those in the ways of peace and diplomacy. One student, Oro, quickly became a powerful figure in the Diaspora council. Using his association with the Master Teachers, his rise to power was quick and unexpected. Strong, aggressive, ambitious, charming and persuasive, Oro proved not to be a worthy student and was expelled by the order. But, those traits were perfect for a politician. Through his machinations, Oro was able to convince the Diaspora to follow a darker, more militaristic path.

The Diaspora
The Diaspora

Several frontier planets near the Ridge of Diaspora space had fallen victim to devastating terrorist attacks. Chemical and biological agents were released killing millions. The Diaspora had been immobilized with fear. The Amesha Spentas offered their assistance in mediating the situation. Sentiment among the Diaspora’s sentients indicated that the time for talk had passed. With the assassination of key members, Oro convinced the Diaspora council that the Master Teachers were in collusion with the terrorists and vying to take control of the council.

Anti-Amesha sentiment spread quickly through the Diaspora. A new group of warriors emerged. They were called the Beret Sheri. Led by Oro’s protégé, The Paladin of Sparta, they were a more proactive group than the Amesha Spentas, more brutal and violent. But, they seemed to be the kind of protectors the Diaspora needed in these troubled times and were soon embraced by the now Oro-controlled council.

The Paladin & Beret Sheri
The Paladin & Beret Sheri

With Oro’s unveiling of the Beret Sheri armada, the Diaspora turned against the Master Teachers. The order was outlawed and the temple was burned to the ground. The Master Teachers were hunted. Many of the order were either jailed or murdered. The Diaspora became the Utopia, a totalitarian caste society of exclusion, mistrust and fear. Personifying the Utopia’s credo of Strength through Power, Oro had ambitions to expand the Utopian Collective’s territories.

Some of the Master Teachers, however, were able to flee. They found refuge in the same outer planets that were attacked, the birthplace of the Diaspora’s descent. It was there that they learned the truth.

Oro, in reality, was Fudo, the “Immovable’s” ultimate vengeance. Charged with the task of the Diaspora’s corruption and ultimate fall from grace, the Beret Sheri were trained by the expelled student in the ways of the Amesha Spentas minus the spiritual teachings and guidance which honed a Master Teacher’s power. Worse, the Beret Sheri were further enhanced by the same Fudo science that created the Master Teachers. Now refined, the Beret Sheri, a force to be feared were behind the terrorist attacks on the Ridge.

Oro must be stopped. But, the Master Teachers are all but extinct. They need help…

… In the wilderness of the Outworld, that Teacher exists… and the Second
Revolution is about to begin.

Outworld: Return of the Master Teachers drops in spring 2013… Stay woke.


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