The First Revolution: A Prelude to the Outworld

The Orijah
The Orijah

“What if there were no niggas, only Master Teachers?”

“I’d stay woke.”
– Erykah Badu, 2008

They were called the Fudo.

The Fudo
The Fudo

A brutal and savage race, the Fudo believed that the universe was theirs; every moon, every planet, even the celestial dust was created for the Fudo to exploit and consume. They traveled the universe spreading their doctrine of expansion, exploitation and destruction. Those who did not bow before the Fudo were destroyed. Entire cultures were crushed by the “Immovable” as the Fudo traveled from star system to star system.

Imana, jewel of the galaxy, was home to a race of philosophers, explorers and scientists known as the Mwari. They were the Fudo’s next target. Conquered, the once peaceful and gentle race was made slaves by the “Immovable,” subjected to cruel, savage eugenics experiments designed to make the conquered races stronger for the Fudo labor camps.

Ami'Stad, The Philosopher
Ami’Stad, The Philosopher

Many sentients died under the blades of Fudo science. But one of the Mwari, a philosopher turned slave, survived the experiments and was made… Different… Stronger. He rebelled against his masters using his newfound abilities to destroy a Fudo shipyard and eugenics facility.

The Priestess of Kush
The Priestess of Kush

But, it was difficult to control these newfound abilities. The well of dark light all Mwari possessed was tapped and threatened to consume the philosopher turned slave now rebel. He relied on this wisdom of his people. The oral tradition of the Mwari god Solu, passed from lips millennia ago now encoded into the DNA of this race of Imana, saved the rebel now called Ami’Stad… And gave him purpose.

The Avatar of Helios
The Avatar of Helios

The Philosopher turned slave now rebel saved four others who were also changed by the Fudo. These five trained themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in the use of their abilities. The Philosopher and his companions The Spartan, The Samurai of Felinae, The Avatar of Helios and The Priestess of Kush, traveled to the conquered planets of the Fudo Empire bringing justice to the troubled star system.

The Samurai of Felinae
The Samurai of Felinae

They each took on an apprentice, a Fudo-enhanced native of that planet and taught them the ways of combat, history and the notion of resistance and freedom through the Mwari’s use of stories. Once trained, their students would become the protector of their people charged with finding new students to train them for the Revolution.

The Spartan
The Spartan

These five, these warrior griots, became known as the Orijah, the Guardians. Through their lessons, the conquered people of the Fudo Empire rose up against their oppressors and successfully moved the “Immovable.”

Having driven the Fudo out of the galaxy, the former occupied planets formed an alliance in order to protect themselves from future invaders. With the protection of the Orijah’s students now called the Amesha Spentas or Master Teachers, this Diaspora of planets flourished, and enjoyed an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity.

This is the legend of the Master Teachers. This is the history of the Diaspora.

Outworld: The Return of the Master Teachers is coming in 2013 from Griot Enterprises… Stay Woke.

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