Meet The Horsemen

The  Horsemen: Book of Olorun #3 Cover

For a while now, I’ve been talking about The Horsemen as a team. For those who’ve copped the book so far, hopefully you know these characters. For those who are just learning about The New Mythology, here’s a run-down:

Obatala (Araba Annan-Boone)

Obatala, the Creator
Obatala, the Creator

Obatala is the supreme deity of the Yoruba pantheon, the androgynous creator. S/he is envisioned as an ancient wo/man dressed in luminous white cloth and having lustrous white hair. It is Obatala who shapes the child in the womb, and who is the highest deity concerned with the affairs of humans. Obatala is considered to be most benevolent, most wise, and infinitely powerful.

Obatala’s abilities are earth-based demonstrating her immense strength and durability. In addition, she has the ability the leap great distances. As the Shaper, Obatala controls the flesh as well possessing ability to heal virtually any wound to the point of regenerating lost limbs. However, this ability could be used as an offensive weapon as well. Woe to the person who is on the receiving end of her wrath.

Yemaya (Djenaba Mitchell-Joseph)

Yemaya, the Protector
Yemaya, the Protector

Yemaya-Olokun is the mother of the Sea, the Great Water, and the Womb of Creation. She is the mother of Dreams, the Mother of Secrets. She is natural wealth, the Mother of pearl and Veiled Isis. She is the mermaid, the full moon; and intelligence beyond human comprehension. Yemaya rules the house, nurtures the child in the waters of the womb and has jurisdiction over the affairs of women. There is no mountain of trouble that Yemaya cannot wash clean; no desert of despair that She cannot flood with hope.

Yemaya can control water in all of its forms. She either can add or subtract moisture from any surrounding area or any opponent. She is also has the ability to breathe water making her comfortable either on land or sea. She can also fire blasts of focused moisture and has the ability to fly (or “swim”) these focused moisture currents. Her satchel holds other powers…and secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Oshun (Sony Kilgore)

Oshun, the Light
Oshun, the Light

“Daughter of the Mountain,” Oshun is the Sacred Harlot. She is the queen of the performing arts and the sacred drum is Her womb. She is the golden lady; all jewelry belongs to Her. She is the coquette; the new moon is Her mirror. She is sweetness and light, all the things that make your life worth living. When the doctor fails, Oshun heals with cool water. She cures barrenness, troubled wombs, and difficult problems in pregnancy and sexually. The party will start as soon as Oshun arrives.

Oshun is entirely composed of energy thereby allowing her to manipulate her form and other forms of infrared and ultraviolet energy in various ways. She has the ability to fly, fire focused laser blasts, and can create various constructs using these energy signatures.

Oya (Adwowa Afeyni-Annan)

Oya, the Catalyst
Oya, the Catalyst

Oya-Yansa is the Queen of the Winds of Change. Many people fear her because She brings about sudden structural change in people and things. Oya does not just rearrange the furniture in the house — She knocks the building to the ground and blows away the floor tiles. She is the Mother of the Mind. She can impart genius, restore memory, or slap you with insanity.

Oya has the ability to manipulate wind patterns creating a soft breeze or a devastating tornado. Oya also possesses the ability of super speed. Oya incorporates these abilities into her fighting style which is extremely graceful yet brutal. She also has limited telepathic and telekinetic abilities. When she uses her abilities, a red energy signature appears around her wrists and her right eye.

Shango (Jomo Nathaniel Massaquoi)

Shango, the Avenger
Shango, the Avenger

Shango is often called the God of masculinity and the Spirit of Mankind. In the folklore of the Yoruba, Shango and Oya fight together. They are the thunder and lightning during a storm. He is the beloved son, sacrificed and reclaimed. He is warmth of the flame, the sacred, the spark of the human spirit. Shango is social organization, government, and justice. Shango is courage, vigor, and physical strength.

Shango controls the electromagnetic spectrum. He can fire blasts of electricity and has the ability of flight. Shango also has the ability to focus this energy in his hands to create two machetes known as the “double-headed ax of Shango.” Shango’s fighting style is similar to Eshu’s (since they are brothers) and complementary of Oya’s. When Shango fights with either one, the duo (or trio as the case may be) is nearly undefeatable.

Ogun (Kofi Malik Boone)

Ogun, the Architect
Ogun, the Architect

The Dragonslayer! The Wild Man in the woods. Ogun clears the forest. He is the Architect, the Builder of Civilizations. Ogun is the Father of Technology, because of Him we have the automobile, the airplane, and the computer. Ogun is the strong, silent type; thick of body and brief in His speech. He is the blacksmith, the toolmaker, and a tireless worker. Ogun carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

As the god of Iron, Ogun is covered in a metal-like substance. This allows Ogun to have immense strength and makes him nearly invulnerable to harm. In addition, Ogun has complete mastery over ferrous materials and can work this element much in the same way Obatala can work flesh. Furthermore, Ogun’s analytical thinking is superhuman allowing him to create or operate any device or sense any structural weakness. In other words, Ogun can create…or destroy anything he puts his mind to.

Eshu (Jani Varney Massaquoi)

Eshu, the Trickster
Eshu, the Trickster

Eshu is Elleggua is Elegba the divine trickster-linguist, the chief engineer of the Da force and master of the nommo. That which is chaotic, absurd, unpredictable, and impossible is attributed to Elleggua. He is the personal messenger of destiny. All ceremonies begin and end with Him. Elleggua lives at the center of the crossroads.

Eshu has the ability to travel the Crossroads. This means that no door is closed to him whether the door is physical, digital, or spiritual. He can travel any distance, any realm. In addition, he has the ability to befuddle his opponents leaving them disoriented, confused, and ultimately, beholden to Eshu’s will. Eshu is also extremely agile. His fighting style is a combination of acrobatics, Capoeria, Tae Kwan Do, and pure physical improvisation.

You met the Orisha… Now cop the books.

The Horsemen: Divine Intervention and The Horsemen: Book of Olorun are available in print and digital NOW at DriveThruComics, Amazon, Comic Flea Market, IndyPlanet, Graphicly and Lulu If you’re in the Chicago area, The Horsemen is carried at G-Mart Comics and The Silver Room. Give the gift of The New Mythology for the holidays… Cheers!

The Horsemen © 2012 Jiba Molei Anderson & Griot Enterprises


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      1. I couldn’t find them on the BN site (their search function sucks when looking for digital comics). Any way you could give me a link to them?

  1. Hey, Gerry!

    Just click on any one of the highlighted online stores at the bottom of the post. You’ll be able to buy the books there.

    Hope this helps and Happy Holidays… Cheers!

    1. That doesn’t really help, as none of the links are for Barnes & Noble. I checked their digital comics, and couldn’t find them. Are they listed on Barnes & Noble? Anyplace else isn’t going to help me, as I don’t want pdf, and can’t read comics in kindle format

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