The Bible Needs a Re-Mix?

Hey there, fam!

I wanna tell you my story, mang…

I went to The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy. Yes, I went to an all-boys private high school in the middle of the D. I had to study Theology for four years. Through that intense study, I realized that all religions were the same and it’s kind of pointless (not to mention arrogant) to say that any one religion is the true word of G_D since the core message is the same of all religions… Particularly with the ones that sprang from the Fertile Crescent (Judiasm, Christianity and Islam). Much to my mother’s chagrin, I stopped being a practicing Catholic at the age of 16.

The Serpent

As you may know by now, Mythology and different faith systems are a major theme in my work. Oh sure, it’s real easy to take the gods and goddesses of pantheons and re-configure them in a modern context. How many Vikings or Egyptians are gonna get mad at me for flipping the script? I’m not exactly worried about rolled-up on by dudes with battle axes or arrows hitting my apartment due to some chariot drive-by…

… However, I’ve taken it one step further.

Earlier this year, Dr. Walter Greason, a colleague I met through Facebook and huge comic-book fan, approached me with an interesting project. He wanted to take stories from the Bible and re-contextualize the material. His idea was to approach those stories from a Womanist point-of-view and infuse the imagery with Egyptian mythological iconography.

The Lord Adam

He knew which buttons to press. He touched that inquisitively rebellious 16-year old that still resides in the recesses of my psyche and I was in. Ideas began to churn in my head, taking the form of African warriors in an ancient/furturistic Neo-African landscape. I imagined Adam and Eve as defenders of an long-dead society that had sacrificed themselves battling the Serpent which threatened to destroy them all.

The Lady Eve

I began to envision the people who would honor their memory. They would become an army of “Angels” that were charged to protect the innocent. I dreamt of a new Prophet that would open gates of understanding and compassion for a world that was plunged into darkness. All of these lucid dreams were colored with the hues of femininity, the Amina’s power would permeate throughout the project. Pharaoh becomes Nefretiti… Jesus becomes Isis… The Wise Women wear an African face.

The Prophet Isis

This is the result of our collaboration. Dignity and Divinity, an 8-page book will be available for only $.99, November 28 at and Come and experience a very different take on the Bible.

Dignity and Divinity


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