Shameless Plug: Notes from the Lab

What up, fam!

Been busy in the Batcave working on my plans of world domination (aren’t we all?). Here’s what’s been going down:

Taletown is here!


Taletown has been opened to the public! Over the past week, we let folks in on the ground floor to become beta testers. It’s very exciting to see such an involved project come together before your eyes. Now, the game is nowhere near done, but we’re releasing each portion of the game throughout our development to make sure that EVERYONE can become a part of the ultimate mash-up genre game of 2013! You can click here to take a peek!

The New Mythology

The Griot Store

The Griot Enetrprises’ store has been re-tooled and now open for business! I’ve decided to go with Zazzle for creating my swag and am really excited to present these products to you. We’ve got prints, t-shirts and more! Click here to check out the store.


100 Canvases for Things That Matter

Finally, I am once again participating in The Silver Room’s annual fundraiser 100 Canvases for Things That Matter on June 23, 2012. This is the piece that I’ve created for the show. If you’re in the Chicago area, come on by for what is sure to be one of the coolest gallery openings this season. For more information, just click here.

There’s much, much more to come, my people. Until next time, zip it up and zip it out… Cheers!


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