All Griot Books 25% off at Lulu for the holidays!

What’s happening, fam?

The Horsemen: Divine Intervention and Manifesto: The Tao of Jiba Molei Anderson are available in print as well as E-books!

Manifesto: The Tao of Jiba Molei Anderson

The aptly named Manifesto is the kind of immersing experience a sketchbook ought to be. Where most artists slap together their doodles and convention commissions into a quickly perused flipbook, Jiba Molei Anderson’s TPB-format book contains combines character designs, page roughs, pencils, inks, concept sketches, final covers, scripts, interviews, essays, anecdotes, and “director’s commentary” style analysis of the creator’s projects and artistic history. This is the format behind-the-scenes books should take.

– Brendan McGinley – writer Hannibal Goes to Rome, Invisible, Inc., Wizard

The Horsemen: Divine Intervention

Jiba Molei Anderson uses a series of interviews to control a collection of flashbacks that provide brief glimpses into each character that belongs to the Horsemen, and establishes a genuine voice throughout keeping the plot and over-arcing mystery progressing at a comfortable pace. He provides more than enough answers to maintain your focus, but doesn’t reveal the complete hand, leaving certain questions unanswered. He also provides the pencils and design, which are stylish and fresh. The creator closes the package with a clever manifesto, declaring his love and appreciation for the industry, and advising you that Griot Enterprises is the look of the future. You better recognize.

– Brandon Thomas – writer Voltron, Spider Man Unlimited, Robin

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That’s it! Hope you’re getting into the holiday season the right way, my people. Keep it nice & breezy while you’re rockin’ ’til the wheels fall off… Cheers!

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