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The Horsemen: Book of Olorun #3

Hey, all.

I’m 14 days away from my deadline to fund The Horsemen: Book of Olorun #3 on Kickstarter. I’m trying to raise $3000 for this bad smoker and so far, I’ve gotten $745 in pledges. I need your help, y’all and, aside from pledging (which would be awesome and you’ll get great incentives w/ your pledge), here are some ways that you can assist a brother in reaching his goal.

1. Once a day, go to and type in “Kickstarter The Horsemen“ and then click through to the site. If you don’t want to go through Google, at least visit the project site every day.

2. In the top right corner of the The Horsemen Kickstarter page is a little “Remind Me” button. Please put in your email and click it! You’ll get notice of updates for a little while, but once the project ends in May you won’t get any more.

3. Sign up with Kickstarter and comment on the Update posts. Not only does it help, I’m interested in hearing what you think of the project!

4. Share the daily Updates on Facebook or Twitter especially to those who are down with comic books, science fiction and African / African American interests.

6. Pass this along!

7. Lastly, you could pledge a buck. It seems insignificant but a high number of donors is more important than the amount of the donation.

That’s it! If we all work together, I have no doubt we’ll get the attention we need for our project to succeed!

Thanks in advance for all your help! Cheers!

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Step Two: Making Something From Nothing

Step Three: Shake It Proper... And Make It Look Good
Step Four: Making It Clear In Black & White

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