Kickstartin’…The Hustle Continues

It’s very hard to keep ya head up when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s hard to keep on a brave face when all you feel is despair. What do you do when you feel that you’re all alone, between a rock and a hard place and no one has got your back?

I work.

I’ve been on the grind for years. There have been ups and there have been downs. I’ve been behind the eight ball for a minute. And, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been down for a long time while trying to keep a brave face.

And so, I work.

It’s my solace, my oasis, the one place where I can escape into the creation of worlds to help solve the problems of the world I exist in the physical plane.

And so, I work.

Thoughts and projects that have gestated for years, and opportunities that manifest themselves in this physical and spiritual meditation flow from pen to pixel into being.

And so, I work.

The Real World isn’t forgotten. I look for ways to bring these concepts to public at large, to put food on the table and to pay the bills. Passion becomes product and dreams become the hustle; The Grand Grind of life when you turn what you love into what you do.

And so, I work.

For example, I’m funding the third issue of The Horsemen: Book of Olorun through Kickstarter. I’m working on raising $3000.00 to print this bad smoker and hit the summer con circuit running. Shameless Plug #2, please check out the link and contribute to The New Mythology. Cheers!

Now, let me show you what I’ve been working on:

Good Man In A Storm

Good Man In A Storm

There are Prophets and there are Judges. The Prophet, or Griot, is the Voice. The Judge, also known as the Latigi, is the Fist. They both speak the Word and the Word is the Void. The Void is Balance. When the Balance is disrupted, storm clouds brew within the Void. If the storm comes, we will all drown in the Flood.

In order to stem the tide of the Flood, a Prophet will emerge to warn us. However, we rarely listen to Prophets. We ridicule them; we throw stones at them. Sometimes, we even kill them. We rarely, if ever, listen to the Voice. If we won’t listen to the Voice, then we must feel the strike of the Fist.

The Judge is that fist. The Judge will strike with the fury of the righteous in order to calm the Storm. The Distance and The Knowledge are a Judge’s greatest weapons. The Judge is our champion and one has always been among us.

Many years ago, the Storm threatened to swallow us whole. One man, a Prophet of humble beginnings, rose to combat the oncoming Storm and died for our salvation. Through his death, the gates of Heaven were opened and we were finally allowed to enter Paradise.

Now, the Storm clouds form again and neither a Prophet nor a Judge can stop the Flood. But it is written that one will emerge who is both Prophet and Judge. This one, this Good Man, is destined to die… in order to close the gates of Hell.

This is my graphic jazz suite, my stab at merging the vibe of the Blue Note jazz label with a story that questions the nature of religion is an action, lapsed Roman Catholic-occult-folklore, Highlander-influenced kind of way.



Having driven the Fudo out of the galaxy, the former occupied planets formed an alliance in order to protect themselves from future invaders. With the protection of the Amesha Spentas, now over 1000 strong, this Diaspora of planets flourished, and enjoyed an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity.

This is the legend of the Master Teachers. This is the history of the Diaspora.

Centuries later, the Diaspora turned against the Amesha Spentas and outlawed the order of warrior griots. Some of the Master Teachers, however, were able to flee. They found refuge in the same outer planets that were attacked, the birthplace of the Diaspora’s descent. It was there that they learned the truth.

Oro has to be stopped. But, the Master Teachers are all but extinct. They need help. The Amesha Spentas needed a Master Teacher of their own…

… In the wilderness of the Outworld, that Teacher exists… and the Second Revolution is about to begin.

This is my Sci-Fi, Kung-Fu epic. This is the first concept I ever cam up with. I’ve had this in the works since I was eight years old. This started out at the end of ’10 as a palate cleanser and for a magazine that it doesn’t look like its gonna get off the ground. Nevertheless, it’s finally been brought to life… And it’s coming soon…



TaleTown is a game for Facebook, so it will be free for everyone. It combines all the fun of a choose your own adventure story with a world creation game. Players get to customize their virtual houses with items rewarded from reading through the quests. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

A game with REAL rewards!

Players in TaleTown actually unlock download-able content for their Kindle or any other e-reader! That’s right, the free to play Facebook game will be giving out free e-books of short stories, flash fiction, and serial fiction. It’s long past time for games to start giving out real rewards to players.

From Game Designer Jude W. Mire

Yep, I’m also working on a game… And it’s a great one. I always dreamt of, among other things, working on a video game. Jude is also one of those creatives who knows what it takes to succeed. We’re putting together a great team for a great game. Shameless Plug #3, please support Taletown by pledging on Kickstarter here.

A Tribute to Dwayne McDuffie


I’ll be at C2E2 March 18-20. This year, I’ll be on two panels (crazy, huh?). The first will be the Black Comix panel on Friday, March 18 at 3:30pm. The second will be the Difficulty of Definition panel on Saturday, March 19 at 5:30pm. I hope to see you guys there.

This isn’t it… By any means. If I prosper from my endeavors, I’ll still work. If I’m still behind the eight ball, I’ll still work. I love to create… I live to create. This is my calling… This is my hustle… This is my life.

All of you in the Grind will feel me on this one. Peace.

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